Workout Motivation Tip – One Month Goal

Ready for a workout motivation tip that I tell all of the people I help? After just 30 days your mind is ready to keep up the routine, but it is easier than it sounds.

If you are a beginner, or maybe you are starting a new workout program, you are excited. This excitement comes from starting something new that you strongly believe in.

However many people start on a high note, and 2 weeks later I see them making excuses and falling back into the old routine. Is there a way we can avoid this?


What Is The One Month Goal?

The one month goal revolves around an individual completing their workout each day, without fault. That's right. I tell many of my friends and people I meet who struggle each year to workout that if they can make it just 30 days, they will be able to continue.
That initial 30 days is the hardest. Why? We are all looking for instant gratification and if we don't see it, we move towards something else before we have a chance to grow.

This is also noticeable in many aspects of our lives today. Instant gratification is nice, but don't let it trick you into a false sense of what works, and what doesn't. When it comes to workouts, training hard and being consistent day in and day out is the key to your success. In my personal opinion, consistent training is more important than any diet.

Now I say 30 days is the goal to reach because this appears to be the point where workouts become second nature. Don't set a goal of 60 or even 90 days because it may be too high. You will start thinking into the future where you are 3 months from your goal, and feel overwhelmed. Just stick to the 30 day goal, and if you can make it, you will be able to reach 60 and 90 days.


Understand "Just Do It" Mentality

Here is where I could put the Shia Labeouf Just Do It video that went viral on the internet. I am not going to, but he really has a good point. If you can get in the mindset of "Just Do It", even on your bad days, you will feel better afterwards. I have been working out for a long time now, and I always run into days where I just don't feel like doing the workout. I decide I'll push through it, and every single time I do, I am glad I did.

Get out of your head about how sore you are, or how you don't feel like it today, or how you want to play video games. Instead, focus your mind on what you want and just do it! Remember it's only about 30 minutes of your entire day, and you can do whatever else you want for the remainder of the time you are awake. Find the mental toughness necessary to get where you want to go in terms of your fitness, and you will see results.


One Month To Future Success

So far we have covered that if you can complete your workouts each day for 30 days, you can continue with future success. Understand that this is the hardest part of the journey, and you will be tested.

Passing this test is extremely satisfying, and once you see results, you will be happy you pushed yourself. Remember the "Just Do It" mentality, and you will succeed with your workouts, and other endeavors in life.

Please feel free to leave any comments or experiences you have below, I will gladly read and respond to them. Click here for more workout motivation tips and strategies.


  • Nnamdi

    Hello, Your post on Workout Motivation Tip – One Month Goal is on point. In fact you were able to outline the problems most beginners have when starting up a workout routine. One of them is expecting an ”instant gratification”, and if it doesn’t come they would go back to their comfort zone or try something else.

    Thank you man because you will really encourage a lot of people that have the intention of embarking on a workout routine.

    • Instant gratification does not exist in the workout world. I have seen people workout for a week expecting to already see great results, and not much has changed. It takes the body longer than this to show any type of results, so dedication and self discipline are needed. Many people lack this discipline, and that is why they fail. There is no place for instant gratification in your daily workouts. Keep up a consistent schedule, and the results will come in time.

  • Hannah

    It seems like a good idea setting 30 day goals, like taking one step at a time and breaking your goal into smaller chunks. It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying that you will never meet your goal when you focus too far in the future.

    Great advice and very well written article! I very much enjoyed reading this.

    • Worrying about the outcome is a killer to future goals. Instead, take on the goal with the mindset that you will succeed no matter what. Worrying and being afraid will only ever hold you back. Take action and get the results you want to achieve.

  • I need to get back into exercising but just seem to be very lazy. Coming across this post has really motivated me. I love the idea of one month goal – and believe me time flies so its not very long. Sticking to this one month goal, who knows I will start making 3 month or 6 month goals. Am glad I landed up here, I know where to begin.

    • If you can make it one month, you can make it as long as you keep the interest. It also becomes habit after the 30 day mark, just make sure you are true to yourself and not cutting any corners. I see cheating too much and people say they are doing it consistently, when in reality they are not.

  • jelsie

    30 Day Goal is an awesome tip! I have heard before that doing something for 30 days can then make it second nature, but I didn’t really think anything of it. But reading it again has just reaffirmed the notion. Thanks for that encouragement!

    • Yes jelsie, make it through the 30 days and you will feel yourself start to take on the habit of working out consistently. Make sure you are true to the program and you get it done each day.

  • I have heard about the 30day rule being applied to other things because this is the amount of time it takes to make something a habit. I get that and believe it. I feel that I need to reacquaint myself with my cross trainer.

    • I really do live by the 30 day rule. It also has become a good part of my life outside of my workouts as well. However, if you can get one month into your workouts, without cheating and cutting corners, you will see results and a great future moving forwards.

  • You provided a great tip about Workout Motivation Tip, I usually procrastinate when I exercises or go to gym. This will help guide me when taking part in exercises. I really need to exercise, but sometime I feel so lazy. I look forward to visit your site regularly. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks saif! Try and train your brain to not procrastinate. Everyone does it, and sometimes you just can’t avoid it, but do the best you can and get things done. You will feel better after, and you will not have to worry about it anymore.