Why Use Protein For Nutrition?

Many people wonder, “Why use protein drinks as a source of nutrition even if I am not a body builder?”

People understand that protein helps promote muscle growth and recovery, but not much else. Why use protein in your daily nutrition plan? In this article I am going to help explain why protein is a fundamental part of nutrition. Without protein, the road to a great body will take much, much longer.


The Benefits of Protein Powder

As most people are aware, protein is used in the production of muscles. Protein is also used in other bodily functions such as hormones and in your immune system. The protein in our bodies help structure every cell in our body. It is a big component when it comes to our muscle growth, contraction, and healing.

If we do not have enough protein in our bodies, our muscles may take more time to heal potentially leading to over-training your muscles. This can increase risk of injuries ending your workouts altogether.

One type of protein, whey protein, has become a favorite among active people. It is used as a supplement to enhance physique, build muscle, and improve overall health. This protein is more effective than food as it takes the body longer to digest and break down those proteins. A whey protein shake can go to the muscles quickly and start repairing the muscles faster.

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Which Protein Should You Take?

In my opinion, the best protein to take is whey protein. This is because whey is a complete protein containing all of the essential and nonessential amino acids the body needs. It is not to say that other types of protein are bad, but whey protein is the best when consumed following a workout to help repair your muscles for the next go-around.

You may have noticed that when going to the health section in a supermarket and looking at the protein powder, nearly 100% of the protein is whey protein. Health and fitness companies know whey protein is a complete protein, and they can provide this protein to consumers and get good reviews regarding the results.

When Is The Best Time To Take Protein?

The best time to take protein is directly following a workout, period. Following a workout, your body starts the healing process and needs the protein. By providing the body the protein it needs, you can help jump-start the healing process.

Many people I know say they feel a lot better (less soreness) the next day if they take protein immediately following a workout. Also, any follow-up meals should contain some type of protein (it can be in smaller amounts) in order to help continue the healing process. When you wake up the next day, make sure to give the body missing nutrients by eating a great breakfast for the full recovery!

How Much Protein Should I Take?

When researching how much protein you need a day, you will find most sites tell you that you need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. So, if you weigh 160 lbs. you should take 160 grams of protein a day for muscle growth. I also agree with this statement, but try to acquire the rest of your protein through food or other supplements.

Note, consuming excesses protein per day will not make you fat! It is not the protein that adds fat to your body, it is the calories in the food/drink you consume that do. So make sure that however you consume your protein, that you do not add thousands of calories a day to your nutrition plan without burning it off. It’s good to have excess protein, but you might see yourself get fat from those extra calories if you are not careful.



Well there you have it! This article has covered the reason why use protein for your nutrition Protein is great for your body and you need to add it to your nutrition plan if you are not already consuming it. It is a fundamental part of any workout recovery plan and it also has many health benefits along the way.

Make sure you take your protein following a workout and some in later snack/meals to continue your healing process. Lastly, remember that you should look to take 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. While this is not set in stone, it is a great goal to aim for each day.

  • I am not sure that I need to take additional protein intake. I eat a lot of vegetables and enough meat throughout the day!

    I was also warned by my doctor to avoid protein shakes as I have a previous kidney stone problem. I think I will skip protein shakes as this will put my kidney on extra duty.

    • You might think you have enough in what you eat, but remember it takes a lot more to digest food than it does a protein shake. If you doctor doesn’t suggest it you can stay away, but protein shakes have only ever made me feel better, recover faster, and actually promote muscle growth.