Focus T25 Home Workout Review

Ready to to soak your floor with sweat, that’s what will happen if you take on T25. With only 25 minutes, this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program will burn away calories, but does it give the overall fitness results you want? Let’s take a look at my experience with T25, and my results after the program.
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What Is T25?

T25 is a high intensity cardio & strength workout program designed to be completed in as little as 25 minutes. From the Insanity creator Shaun T, T25 is now shorter than Insanity, and is said toT25 Review produce the same, if not better results.  This workout program has been developed as one of the best home workout programs, but does it really measure up the standards it has set for itself? Insanity was extremely difficult for most people, but cutting down the time to 25 minutes is a fantastic selling point. Most people quit Insanity with its 45 minutes – 1 hour workouts, along with difficulty level. Click here if you would like to check out my Insanity review!

All the exercises within T25  are very similar to Insanity. The difference here is these exercises have been hand selected to produce the best results. Also, minimal equipment is needed for T25 which is a huge plus for most people working out at home. This is what initially turned me on to T25, but just because I already had all of the equipment.

Why Is T25 Effective?

Focus T25 relies on the new workout craze called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. In T25, this means that you start your exercises without break for a set period of time, and you don’t take a rest until all of them are completed. Since these exercises use a lot of the body rather than specific targeted muscles, you will start to drip in sweat very quickly.

Also, this program comes in different “phases”, Alpha and Beta. As you complete the Alpha, you move to the Beta phase for variety. Each of these phases changes how you do your workout to provide variety and “shock” your body into change. This is seen a lot throughout the Beachbody workouts as a selling point. I don’t think this is really a good reason to listen to the changed workouts, but the variety is what makes the workouts more enjoyable and removes the sense of boring workouts in the long run.

What Makes T25 Unique?

Being that Focus T25 is only 25 minutes long is a big part of what makes it unique. However, I would never go less than 25 minutes a day in a workout program. I still think no program should be less than 30 minutes, but I tend to do a workout along with abs or a quick cool-down after for each. By going less than 25-30 minutes you are not forcing your body to tear the muscles to rebuild efficiently enough. Also, you will not burn enough calories post workout to really see much of a change. Yes, a 10-minute workout is better than nothing, but look for results and stop being lazy!

Secondly, T25 can be done with almost no equipment. I would advise at least a workout band (provided by the program) in order to see better results. I used weights and a pull-up bar, but they are not necessary to get through the workouts. Its nice to see a program that doesn’t require you to buy any other equipment. I don’t advise it as you may have some issues seeing results, but it is possible if done correctly.

Who Is Focus T25 For?

After going through all of T25, I think that the program is for people looking to lose weight. If you are trying to pack on a lot of muscle, look elsewhere. You may also be interested in this program if you do not have a lot of time to get in your workouts for the day. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight, quickly, and do not want to spend money on equipment.

Also, if you want a great way to raise your cardio level, or maybe just have a better idea for different cardio workouts that don’t require running, T25 is a great program to purchase. After each and every workout, I was drenched in sweat from so much movement and constantly jumping around. Now sometimes I like to do these workout programs, but in most cases, I tend to like to have a bit of everything.

Who Should Not Get T25?

From above, you should not get T25 if you want to pack on lots of muscle. This program was not designed to do that. It is designed to tone your muscles, lose weight, and increase your cardio. Also, if you live in an apartment (especially on a higher floor) you may want to reconsider buying T25. I received a noise complaint that I was jumping around and my downstairs neighbor also argued that I knocked over her vase…you can see where this might be a problem.

Some other concerns are for people with joint and heart issues. As these workouts are intense, it could be tough for some people to make it through, and you may want to check with a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to do the exercises.

What’s Included With Focus T25 Workout Program?

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 11 25-minute workout DVDs
  • T25 Workout Schedule
  • 5 Day Fast Track Guide
  • Nutrition Meal Plan
  • Wall Size Workout Calendar
  • Workout Resistance Band

T25 includes a very detailed Nutritional T25 Meal Plan and a T25 Five-Day Fast Track Meal Plan. Make sure you follow these plans in order to optimize your results and see your results as fast as possible. Just like any workout program, all of the parts of the program are critical to your success and results. Straying away from the program, especially on the diet end, may slow or even stop your results!

The Workouts

Alpha phase:

  • Cardio: this is all about cardio exercises.
  • Speed 1.0: Quick movements for fat burning.
  • Total Body Circuit: Strength and resistance training, without lifting weights.
  • Ab Intervals: Switch between cardio and abs to work midsection.
  • Lower Focus: Target your lower body.

Beta phase:

  • Core Cardio: Use cardio to help develop core strength.
  • Speed 2.0: Take Speed 1.0 to the next level.
  • Rip’t Circuit: Upper body, lower body, abs and repeat.
  • Dynamic Core: Change workout planes in a dynamic core routine.
  • Upper Focus: Build a better upper body for some show muscles.



T25 is great for anyone looking to have a high intensity workout to burn a lot of calories, raise cardio, and tone muscle. With only 25 minutes a day and no workout equipment, this is one of the best home workout programs available. However, if you live in an apartment, want to put on more muscle, or have health conditions, you may want to reconsider T25. I made it through the entire program, and I believe that for the price, it is one of the best home workout programs available for toning and cardio.

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  • 25 minutes of my day to stay fit and feel more energetic! Oh yeah!
    It is important for me to stay fit and to eat healthy. I noticed that it has a very high customer rating on amazon. I think I will give it a go.

    Thanks for this great review.

    • It is a great program. I had to stop doing it do living in an apartment on the 3rd floor, and it created some complaints. However, if that was not the case, I would still be doing this workout program with my everyday routine.

  • even my brutal work schedule should be able to find 25 minutes to take care of my health – anyone that cant needs to re-thing more than their workout regime

    • You honestly don’t want to work out less than 25 minutes a day. There is no way you will burn enough calories later on in the day. Results would suffer if you do less than that in your main workout program.

  • Forrest

    I enjoyed reading your article on the T25 workout.
    I have tried finding an exercise program that I could do in just a few minutes a day and this one looks like it just might fit the bill.
    I especially like that there is no equipment involved as well.
    Thanks for the info, I will be checking this one out

    • There is some equipment that is used, but you can do it without if needed. If you are looking to save money I suggest workout resistance bands. I actually really like the resistance bands for many of the workouts I do outside of T25 as they provide constant tension. If you have any questions regarding resistance bands or the program in general, please let me know.