PowerBlock Dumbbell Review

Looking for the best home workout dumbbells? Here are the dumbbells that I use every day, and have not let me down!

If you are looking for a way to save money on a set of dumbbells but don’t know where to look, check out PowerBlock. A simple design that allows you to quickly change weights, and allows future upgrades.

powerblock dumbbell review

I still use the original I purchased years ago. They have shown no signs of wear, and it looks like I will be able to continue using this pair for a long, long time. It is cheaper than buying a rack of dumbbells, and saves a lot of space.

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Why Use PowerBlock Dumbbells?

PowerBlock dumbbells provide all the weight you will need, in a small, convenient package. They do not take up very much room, and they are adjustable for a wide range of weight. Also, they function the same as a normal dumbbell, so you can get in all of the exercises you need.

Here are some of the benefits to using the PowerBlock dumbbells:

  • Adjusts from 10 to 50 pounds in 5-pound increments (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 pounds)
  • Selector pin lets you change weights easily, just like with weight rack at the gym
  • More compact and balanced compared to traditional dumbbells; padded handle for wrist protection

PowerBlock dumbbells are extremely easy to use, and I use them in nearly all of my workout routine. There are similar products like the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells that are good, but I have had a great experience with PowerBlock, and I will continue using this same set into the future.

When Do I Use PowerBlock Dumbbells In My Workouts?

I use PowerBlock dumbbells in almost all of my workouts. Whenever a weight is needed, I jump right to the PowerBlocks. I do have bands I could also use, but I really like using the PowerBlocks to follow along with programs such as P90X, or to do my own workouts I’ve designed.

I was able to get a pair of these dumbbells at a very cheap price. The price you see now on Amazon is what I bought them for years ago (got a lucky sale), and it beats any other price. These dumbbells are essential to my overall fitness program, and I use them almost daily.

I really like to use these dumbbells for moves like bent over rows and squats. Yes I do train with them for biceps, chest, triceps and shoulders, but I feel other equipment can also target those areas as well. These dumbbells really excel with leg exercises, as well as back. Get creative with these dumbbells and move between different weights to see what works for you. I promise they will not disappoint.

Why You Should Get PowerBlock Dumbbells

You should get PowerBlock dumbbells if you want convenience. If you don’t have a lot of space and live in an apartment, or workout in a small area of your home, PowerBlocks are perfect. These dumbbells are very similar to SelectTech dumbbells, but are much cheaper and you can upgrade them for more weight.

Combine both the PowerBlock and resistance bands for a great overall training program. The resistance bands can be taken on the road and add variety, while you can really build on strength with the PowerBlocks. Try the PowerBlock out and see if you like them. You can always return it to Amazon if you feel they were not right for you.

Why You Should Not Get PowerBlock Dumbbells

Do not get PowerBlock dumbbells if you do not plan on strength training. If you want to lose weight and be really lean, I suggest bands or just buy one or two pairs of light weights. There is no point in getting more than 30 lbs if you want to stay with a lean body size. I never use more than 50lbs in my workouts, but if you are not going above 25 – 30 lbs, just buy a couple sets of regular dumbbells and save your money.

Also, if you have any kind of health issues, make sure you are cleared to use them by a doctor before making your purchase. If not, this could be a big waste of money.


  • Easy, adjustable weights.
  • Cheaper than buying all the weights individually.
  • Save a lot of space.


  • Weight selector is somewhat flimsy.
  • Weights are square instead of round or hexagons.

The newer versions of the PowerBlock dumbbell also have expansions that can go up to 90+ lbs. If you are looking to put on more weight to the dumbbells, an extension may be something for you.


All testimonials are from the reviews page at Amazon

“These are awesome. They take up very little room, yet you can quickly switch your dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds each with little effort. I do not have the stand, although I have seen it, and wouldn’t recommend it. You don’t really need the stand. You can also buy an expansion pack for these that would make each dumbbell have a maximum weight of 90 pounds, although as of right now the expansion pack is not available on Amazon, you would have to buy it direct from PowerBlock.” – Tech&Fitness Customer

“Overall I like these, but the selector is not as smooth and easy for me as others indicated. I also don’t like dealing withe the adder weights. For the price, they could have included the cheaper of the two stands. But, they are expandable which is a big issue with alot of the other adjustable dumbells and they aren’t really long like the bowflex. So they probably are the best option other than buying individual dumbbells for the weight range (too much space and probably more expensive).” – MD

“I just received my powerblocks in the mail and started my first workout. I tried to take out the 50lb dumbbell and it was stuck to the 60lb attachment without realizing it and it fell off and smashed my foot. So it must be bent and defective…too bad because I waisted $500 for something I was really looking forward to using.” – Corey Steven Crane


PowerBlock dumbbells are the best for cost, longevity, and ease of use. The original pair I bought are the same pair that I use today. If you are looking for dumbbells that will last you a long time and don’t take up space, there is nothing better. You can even expand your set when you feel 50 lbs. is not enough.

These dumbbells allow you to quickly change the amount of weight you are lifting to keep up with your workout programs. It also saves on a lot of space in your home. I advise that you also get the stand so that you do not need to bend over to pick them up from the floor (especially at a heavy weight). These dumbbells have helped me grow and get awesome results.

From the PowerBlock Dumbbell review, I highly recommend that anyone looking to have dumbbells in their workout, purchase these to get the best results.

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  • These dumbbells are now on top of the list to replace my current ones, but I will continue searching since they are pretty pricey…

    Can you recommend dumbbells of anywhere close to the same quality and slightly cheaper?

    • Unfortunately, the only cheaper option would be to go with pairs of dumbbells, but depending on how many you want, it could end up being more expensive. I would try and wait for a sale. I was lucky enough to get mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $140. Normally, dumbbells sell at $1 per pound, so if you wanted an entire set, it could get really expensive and take up a ton of space. I would advise resistance bands if you can afford dumbbells for the time being.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for to take to my strength workouts and I didn’t find it expensive.
    Thanks for telling your experience with them, it helped me decided what to choose.

    • Anytime! Really is a great product 🙂

  • I am really impressed by this powerblock dumbbell from what you have talked about it here. It adjusts from 10-40 pounds so I can proceed gradually when I will start doing workout again, I remember last time when started going to gym after a gap I started with 20 pounds and it almost paralyzed my hands for two days.
    Thanks a lot for this review 🙂

    • If you plan on increasing the weight over time, PowerBlocks are great. You can even go crazy and get the 70 and 90 lbs. expansions.