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Push-ups are a standard when it comes to home workout routines. The Perfect Pushup was created to help individuals working out at home how to “perfect” their push-ups.

Perfect PushupThe Perfect Pushup is designed to target your chest to develop the most muscle possible. After buying and testing the Perfect Pushup myself, here is what I think about the Perfect Pushup.

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Why Use Perfect Pushup

The Perfect Pushup was developed as a way to target and develop your chest. After purchasing and using them for some time, they are not necessary. These push-up bars are advertised with a gimmick involved. They try to sell you on the fact that the handles rotate, and that this rotation is easier on your wrists while developing your chest.

From experience, I can say that I have seen no difference with the rotate feature of these push-up bars vs. regular push-up bars. Both help alleviate wrist pain, and target the chest the same way by adding range of motion. The rotating handles have provided no noticeable difference in my chest development.

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When Do I Use Perfect Pushup In My Workouts?

I have actually stopped using the Perfect Pushup  in my workouts. With no noticeable difference with these push-up bars vs. my regular pair, I feel they are not needed. They are just sitting and collecting dust.

I prefer regular push-up bars as I can change the width and hand position, and not worry about the wrist rotation causing issues. I also use push-up bars for exercises such as pike press. The Perfect Pushup will not work well for this exercise as the handles turn.

Why You Should Get Perfect Pushup

If you think that the rotating handles will help you get better at push-ups, go for it. However, you can get the same if not better results with just a regular set of push-up bars. There is no specific reason I can give as to why these are better than other push-up bars.

Why You Should Not Get Perfect Pushup

From the reasons above, you do not need to get the Perfect Pushup when a regular push-up bar will work just as well. You still get the same range of motion and results. Yes, it helps protect your wrists and provides some variety with the twist handles, but my results have shown no noticeable difference.

Also, some exercises you can do with regular push-up bars, but with the Perfect Pushup the exercise becomes awkward. I prefer regular push-up bars for your workouts unless you think the gimmick is something that will work for you.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Reduce stress on wrists.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Cheap plastic build.
  • Twist motion doesn’t really do anything (gimmick).
  • Other exercises are awkward. You can only do regular push-ups.


All testimonials are from the reviews page at Amazon

“I ordered these to step up my pushup game and they have definitely worked. They improve the comfort of the pushup motion as well as the form. I can definitely feel less strain in my wrists with the handle versus a flat palm or even fist-supported pushup. The rotation is very smooth and allows for a variety of different motions in addition to the standard pushup. You can combine them with a step or foam roller or something similar under your feet to get a really comfortable inclined pushup. One thing that might be useful to note though is that the underside of the handles is a lattice of hard plastic, so if you have small hands you may end up gripping that rather than all the way around the handles, which may cause discomfort depending on your technique.” – Jacob J

“Sturdy product but not comfortable to use for push ups. Hurts my palms. If you are looking for this product, spend a little extra money and buy the ones with more comfortable handles. Other than that no complaints. Sturdy, easy to use, swivels nicely.” – Martha

“Cheap, odd plastic grip puts the focal point of tension along a thin line in the middle of the palm. Gimmicky, painful, and a waste of money for anyone that does more than 100 pushups a day.” -RiNGO


The Perfect Pushup was designed to help users protect their wrists and keep a push-up motion, but standard push-up bars do the same thing, and work better. Don’t be sold on the idea that the wrist turning motion does anything. I get better results with a standard push-up bar than the Perfect Pushup.

  • Kevin Cornelius

    Thanks for writing this review. I admit that I have seen this piece of equipment and wondered if the twisting motion would really step-up my game. Based on this review, it sounds like a push-up bar will suffice. Thanks again! It’s always good to be able to learn from someone else’s experience and knowledge.

    • That’s what I’m here for! I am going to give my honest review on all products I come across, not just the good ones.

  • Thanks for the warning. As a former army fitness trainer I find a lot of these accessories total BS anyway. There are so many variations of the push-up I can’t even begin. I would never use this shit. Good review and thanks for your warning:)

    • I am glad you found this review helpful. Yes, there are so many gimmicks out there. Just still to the old-school fundamentals and you will see results.

  • ha ha. “hey you guys doing push-ups? hold on, let me get my perfect push-up machine out the closet so I can join you.” said no one ever. Good review man

    • Yup, do it the old fashioned way! No need for products that don’t give a big benefit. Even the handles hurt your palms.