Perfect Pull-Up Bar for Home Workout

What is the Perfect Pull-up Bar for Home Fitness? Let’s take a look why the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is my preferred choice for home workout equipment.

pull-up bar reviewPull-ups are one of my must-have exercises, and working out at home is no excuse for not getting your pull-ups done. I have used a couple of pull-up bars in the past, but let’s take a look at my preferred pull-up bar, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym.

Best Place To Buy: Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym


Why The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym?

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is by far the best home pull-up bar I have ever used. I have purchased some other pull-up bars in past, such as the Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull Up Bar but nothing has come close to as good as the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym pull-up bar.

This is because of the stability, and how well this pull-up bar protects your walls. With the Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull Up Bar, I ended up leaving black marks on white walls with use over time. As I live in an apartment, I was afraid I would have to pay for it to be fixed (in the end they didn’t care, so I got lucky). With the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym pull-up bar, there is a cushion where the pull-up bar meets the wall to avoid paint and scuffs being left behind.

This perfect pull-up bar can hold up to  220 lbs. and extend from 27” to 35” wide. Make sure you measure your door frame before purchasing to be sure the pull-up bar fits your door frame.

When Do I Use Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym In My Workouts?

I use the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym in my chest, back, and ab workout routines. Most of the time these workouts are at the beginning of the week. Pull-ups are one of the best forms of exercise to test strength and overall control over your body.

Why You Should Get Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

If you are doing pull-ups in your workouts, which you should, buy the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym. The padding on the pull-up bar protects protects the walls from being worn down over time.

Why You Should Not Get Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

You should not get the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym if you are not going to do pull-ups in your workout routine. That is really the only reason I could come up with as to why you should not purchase the product. It is the best pull-up bar I have ever used, and I will never go to another (unless the company stops making them).


  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Adjustable (from 27″ to 35″ wide)
  • Protects door frame
  • Extended grips on side for wide pull-ups
  • Soft grips for hands


  • Somewhat heavy (8 lbs.)
  • Supports up to 220 lbs (yes I know this is a Pro as well, but many people doing workouts weigh more than 220 lbs. If this is you, try losing as much weight as possible before using the bars, or find a bar that can support your weight for the time being).


All testimonials are from the reviews page at Amazon

“As a Marine NCO living in the barracks I have seen alot, I mean alot, of door frame pull up bars.
All pull up bars are flimsy and feel like they may break at any second. I have other versions break while in use. (It does hurt the knees. Most catch themselves and notice right before the break through.)

-This bar is ADJUSTABLE! That may not seem like a big deal, but it is, see those little holes. This is the only mass sold (walmart/target/exchange/sears) pull up bar that allows the user to adjust the lengths to best fit their door frame.
-The horizontal bars pad mounts are a necessity allowing users to preform wide grip. Other products have the horizontal bar flush against the wall. The pads do help with trimming, but

Cons: Still made out of the same kind of materials as other pull up bars. This one is just more secure.

Have owned it for several years and has worked well in the three places I have moved too.” -Nathan1266

“Check the dimensions of your doorway! I bought this and it does not fit my doorway. Otherwise, it seems like a solid product.” – Terry

“I’ve purchased two other door gyms from different manufacturers, and I purchased this model because: (1) the price was right, (2) it looked like the padded panels on the ends of the bars would protect my door trim, and (3) I didn’t want all the crap that came with other door gyms (such as elbow straps or additional bars for alternate hand positions).

A common problem with my other door gyms is that the foam either gets compressed, cut, or wears off, or the door trim gets dented from the pressure applied when exercising. The problem with this model is that the width of the padded panels are totally non-adjustable. In my door frame, the panels only gripped the door with about a half-inch on each side. Way too little to inspire confidence. At least with my other door gym, the fact that the gym is relying upon an extended foam-covered horizontal bar means that the width of the doorway is almost immaterial and no adjustment is needed.

I’m going back to the classic model and will simply wrap a few washcloths around the bar to prevent damage to the door frame.” – Willie V. Hughes


I 100% recommend this to everyone working out at home as the 1st thing to purchase. It is the perfect pull-up bar, and the only one you will ever need. If you weigh over 220lbs, first try to slim down with a program like T25. Once you are in the correct weight range, use this pull-up bar to get to the best fitness level you have ever achieved. I will be using this product for years down the line, and I am glad I purchased it.

  • this is brilliant, as both a renter and a traveler i thought my only option was bands, i love the design of that, brilliant 🙂

    • Just make sure the bar fits the door when traveling. Besides that, the pullup bar will protect your wall/door frame just great and is easy to remove.

  • Great review! For at home workouts this definitely looks to be a great quality bar. A lot of people underestimate the power of pull-ups and chin ups. 220 lbs is a pretty high limit too. Being 165 pounds I can add 55 lbs with a weight belt.

    • Yeah I don’t know why people don’t like them. It may just be that they are very difficult at first and require a lot of upper-body strength. I think they are what get me in shape faster than anything else I have done. I will never ever be without a pullup bar in my workout routine 🙂

  • Hi

    I have one of those and does me really good. Save a lot on gym fees. Great review and post. Keep up the excellent work.

    • I went to the Planet Fitness about 3 years ago and they didn’t have a pullup bar…I left that gym 3 months later. This might not be the same for all PF gyms out there, but come on that should be an essential part of a gym.

  • Nnamdi

    What a great review of the pull up bar. It is a must have at home, especially if you don’t have the time to go to the gym. It is really handy, just like the power tower, if one does not want to make holes on the wall.

    This is really great and thank you for the review as I am a gym freak myself.

    • I wasa gym freak until I decided I could do everything I needed at home. A lot of the equipment at the gym is overrated, so I can get the same results, without paying for the membership each month 🙂

  • hi Darrik
    Well talk about a versatile product! Compact, easy to install it seems and affordable! I used to travel a lot for work, I could have used that in all the hotel rooms!I am literally looking around my place right now thinking of where I can put it! lol.You can certainly do a lot with a pull up bar.

    • Yes you can, and some of the best results come from the pullup bar. I use it at least 3 times a week if not more for my home workouts 🙂

  • Hi Darrik,
    I had never thought of using a pull up bar. I guess when I thought of toning the stomach I always thought of floor exercises. This is great and easy to install. And by the sounds of it I don’t have to worry about any wall damage. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    • Floor exercises are good, but you may want to incorporate a pullup bar. Crazy results and also help develop other areas of the body while doing the ab exercise.

  • Hey Darrik,

    The pull up bar is very simple yet so effective right? It is just the right piece of equipment to hep anyone to develop and maintain the upper body.

    I do like it as it helps to strengthen my back with just several pulls. I also like the fact that this equipment does not take up a whole lot of room and to store them is quiet easy.

    This is a great review too. Thanks for sharing.


    • The pullup bar is the most effective piece of workout equipment (in my opinion). It is also one of the most satisfying when you start to see results and be able to reach 10+ pullups is a row.