P90X3 Home Workout Review

P90X3 Best Home Workout Program?

P90X3 has been my go-to workout for some time now. P90X3 ReviewThis is because it brings back the old-school of push-and-pull while promoting core strength and balance. There are way too many gimmicky workouts today, and this one goes back to the old style of push-and-pull. Here is my review regarding what works, and what doesn’t in P90X3.

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What Is P90X3?

P90X3 is a 90-day fitness program created by Beachbody while designed, and instructed by Tony Horton. Each workout in P90X3 is set 30-minutes, and sticks to the old P90X feel for workouts. If you want a shorter verion of P90X, this program is exactly what you have been looking for.


Why Is P90X3 Effective?

I have found P90X3 is effective if you take it seriously. After reading through many reviews stating that P90X3 was not hard enough for them, I am in disbelief. If P90X3 is to easy for you, then you are an extreme athlete. I replied to one comment writing, “I would love to see you do 18 pull-ups, and 40 push-ups per set in The Challenge and not take a single break”.

Again, if you actually do the workouts as designed and without cheating, P90X3 will do its job. The old-school push-and-pull, along with focusing on your core and balance really help to define your body. Along with that, the program provides a nutrition guide for you to follow, and resistance bands. This is really all you need to get in shape, so don’t let other workouts say you need more. I prefer dumbbells, but resistance bands are the minimum equipment that you need.


What Makes P90X3 Unique?

Variety of workouts, and the old-school feel of the workouts make P90X3 unique. When doing the program, I feel like I am back in P90X, but getting the same amount of exercise done in almost half the time. Also, I am not really into the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is very popular today. It is not the type of workouts I like to do, and it honestly hasn’t given me as great as results that I have seen doing P90X3. Stick with programs that actually work, and I feel P90X3 has done just that.


Who Is P90X3 For?

P90X3 is great for those who want to workout around 30 minutes a day, have equipment, or are willing to invest in that equipment . Do not buy this program if you are not ready to buy equipment. At the minimum you will need resistance bands with a place to hang them from the ceiling (a door hang may also work).

Also, without the high intensity of Insanity or T25, P90X3 takes you back to the roots of what works, and delivers. If you are looking for an athletic beach body, and would rather lift weights than jump around, I highly recommend P90X3. Here is a breakdown of why I recommend this workout:

  • Allows you to workout from home.
  • Pushes you level by level.
  • Uses a lot of body exercises.
  • Keeps the old school push-n-pull alive.
  • Makes workouts fun again.
  • Nobody yelling at you to jump up and down for 30 more seconds.
  • Great pacing to keep workouts tough but doable.


Who Should Not Get P90X3?

From above, If you do not want to purchase equipment of any kind, do not get P90X3. The program relies heavily on weights and a pullup bar. For the program I went out and bought a pull-up bar, PowerBlock dumbbells, and push-up bars. That is quite a bit of equipment for the workout, but I don’t regret any of it. I use it everyday in my workouts and it is essential for how I want my body to look.

Also, if you are looking to only slim down, P90X3 might not be for you. This is much more of a strength building workout program. If you want to lose weight really fast, I suggest buying T25. Click the link here to see my T25 review.


What’s Included With P90X3 Workout Program?

  • 16 extreme 30-minute workouts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Calendar
  • “How to Accelerate” DVD
  • 24/7 Online Support


The Workouts

  • Total Synergistic: Hits all parts of the body in 30 minutes.
  • The Challenge: Tough push-up and pull-up exercises.
  • Incinerator: Go into burnout mode fatigue your muscles.
  • The Warrior: Use body weight as your workout.
  • Eccentric Upper: Lean muscle building with slow, gravity based movement.
  • Eccentric Lower: Uses gravity to work your lower body.
  • Agility X: Helps promote mobility and athletic agility.
  • Triometrics: Promotes speed and power in your workouts.
  • Decelerator: Stability-based training.
  • CVX: A resistance and interval training for fat loss.
  • MMX: Martial arts based workout routine.
  • Accelerator: Increase cardiovascular efficiency.
  • X3 Yoga: Promotes flexibility, balance, and core strength.
  • Pilates X: Body-weight core building exercises.
  • Isometrix: Uses isometric exercises to help promote stability and strength.
  • Dynamix: Helps increase range of motion from weekly workout.



All testimonials are from the reviews page at Beachbody

“I just loved the program overall. I’ve always had skinny legs but they got a lot of muscle and definition in just 3 months. It’s an intensive workout you can do in just 30 mins. The only workout I wasn’t a fan of was the MMX – it felt weird and boring punching the air so many times. Also, I have weak knees and they always hurt during the leg exercises. But, if you don’t have knee issues you should be fine.” – Angel

“P90X3 is an incredible product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a one hour workout in half the time. It’s an intense workout but worth the results. My only regret was not realizing that if you don’t order the ultimate kit you don’t get the whole workout program. I have plenty of resistance bands and protein shakes. If your going to separate the CD’s at least offer me the option to buy the additional CD’s so i can have the complete workout. Aside from that it’s a great program. Thank you Tony.” – tredyl

“Did the workouts for 2 weeks and decided to send back. This program is not for everyone at least definitely not for me. To me the workouts are unrealistic and definitely not geared for the beginner. If you are not a contortionist do not do P90X3. I have done Power 90 in the past and have recently done T25 with great results. I am going to do another round of T25 or maybe try Insanity.” – T0418



If you are looking for a workout program similar to P90X3 that saves time, allows you to workout from home, and makes your workouts fun again, P90X3 is for you. You will receive 16 different workouts along with a nutrition guide, and the instructions of Tony Horton. Both men and women can benefit from this workout, but make sure you are ready to invest some money before moving forward.

  • Matt

    Back in my early college days I started using P90X for daily workouts, and I have to admit, it worked quite well. I think they were 1 hour workouts from what I remember, but they were more than enough to be beneficial. I did it with my roommates and none of us thought we were necessarily out of shape, but we all saw results.

    Of course we skipped some days and various exercises (from what I remember, I skipped mostly the yoga days), but you’ll still see a transformation if you give it your best shot. You’ll have sore muscles that you never knew you had, but it’s a good feeling because you know that you accomplished something. I can only imagine P90X3 being an even better option with shorter workout sessions.

    • Right now, P90X3 is my favorite home workout program. I am glad you saw results in P90X, but I think if you tried P90X3, you would be happier in both results, and the time it takes to do the workouts each day.

  • hi there
    I have tried numerous videos over the years including both T25 (which I still use) and Insanity. I have also been using Tapout for the past 2 years as I do kickboxing. I actually like the T25 workouts but I find them a bit short. I think I might give the P90X videos a try. But I am a gym goer as well so not sure if I want to invest in more material for home (as I have some already but not what is needed). I am also a big believer in the pull and push. I have used that method while working out with trainers and it has always been effective.

  • This P90X3 home program looks excellent for the amount of time you put in every day and the results you get. I would love to try it!
    I am currently only doing cardio as exercise, would this program be too much for me since I am a women and because I have not used any equipment for some time?

    • Yes you can do this program, but it would require you to buy some equipment. There are female trainers working out in the videos who got great results from P90X3. However if you do not want to get the equipment necessary for the workouts, it may be best to try something like T25 or Insanity.