P90X Review – For The Serious Home Workout

P90X – Rough Tough, But Well Worth It!

The first home workout program I ever accomplished! P90X was my go-to workout program after deciding  I was done with going to the gym. I found paying the monthly membership wasn’t necessary to get in shape, so I invested in P90X. Here is why I think P90X is great, but it also has some weaknesses that may push you towards other products to better suite your life.

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What Is P90X?

P90X is a commercial home exercise program created by Beachbody and designed by Tony Horton. This program was developed as a successor to a previous program called Power 90, and is designed to take 90 days. The program uses athletic and physical training, combined with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan in order to get an athletic body.

With P90X , you are learning from one of the most famous personal trainers in the world, Tony Horton. Tony may look a lot younger than he is on the video, but that is because he has P90Xdedicated his life to physical fitness and health. He has a wealth of knowledge, and great at teaching all of the exercises. The best part is that Tony is also very good at helping you learn different variations of workouts to get those extra reps in to complete the entire workout. If it wasn’t for these variations, many people may be turned off by P90X  because of the level of difficulty involved in each exercise.

Also, if you are looking into also following a nutrition plan, (which in my experience with P90X I did not) the program comes with one. You can go through their meal suggestions and really try to get everything out of the program. 

You will need some extra equipment for this program as well. In my experience with P90X I use PowerBlocks for my workouts as they are easier than an entire rack of dumbbells, but if you do not want to spend $200+ on a set of dumbbells, you can buy resistance bands that are equally as effective. I like to alternate some weeks with dumbbells, then switch to bands, just to work my muscles in a slightly different way. Depending on the band you buy, the intensity will be just as great as using dumbbells for the same workout routine.

One thing to note. Each workout is anywhere from 45 minutes or more. Yoga even takes 1.5 hours to fully complete. Also this program is 6-7 days a week (depending on if you rest Sunday or stretch).

Why Is P90X Effective?

P90X is effective because it is difficult. No workout program should ever be a walk in the park. If it is easy, it is not working, and you won’t get the great feeling you get when you accomplish a tough workout. Every time I make it through a workout I don’t know if I can complete, I feel so much better. You will do many push-ups, pull-ups, weight lifting, advanced exercise techniques, and more. Even if you didn’t follow a meal plan, you should still see results in P90X.

P90X is a bit longer than some of the newer programs, but that does not mean it is not effective. If you want some size, and look like an athlete, P90X fits right in. Workouts range from 45 minutes (except Ab Ripper that is 15 minutes) and can go as long as 1.5 hours (only Yoga but it is long). However, if you are looking for results, 10 minute workouts isn’t going to cut it. I have done it, and it does not work. Stick with anything 25-30 minutes or longer.

What Makes P90X Unique?

The number of exercises in each workout make the programs fun. This fun environment makes these difficult workouts more enjoyable and fun to complete. There is a good push towards a new mindset in how you should think about your body. This new mindset can set you up for future success in your workouts.

Also, P90X is not about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This new craze is fine, but I have found that weight training and doing it in a manner where you do not take 5 minute breaks in-between each workout does the trick.

Who Is P90X For?

P90X is for those who like to really push themselves, and don’t mind a longer home workout. Each workout is 45+ minutes, and is by no means easy. Also, you will need to buy equipment necessary to complete the workouts to the fullest. Again, I recommend PowerBlocks and a Pullup bar as the bare minimum required items. I did P90X for quite some time with great results, but it was time consuming and very tough at first.

Who Should Not Get P90X?

If you are looking for a cardio based workout to lose weight, this is not for you. Also, if you do not want to spend any money on workout equipment, this might not be for you. You really need to be serious about getting in shape to take on P90X.

What’s Included With The P90X Workout Program?

  • 12  DVD Workouts 
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Calendar
  • Fitness Guide
  • How to Bring It DVD

The Workouts

  • Chest & Back: Targeted strength program that emphasizes pull-ups and push-ups.
  • Plyometrics: Explosive leg routine to improve cardio and overall athletic performance.
  • Shoulders & Arms: All about arms! Do different exercises that involve pressing, curling, and fly movements.
  • Yoga X: Combining overall strength, balance and flexibility for a relaxing, but challenging workout.
  • Legs & Back: All about legs! Get ready for squats and lunges as you build your lower body.
  • Kenpo X: Cardiovascular workout that involves punching and kicking.
  • X Stretch: Stretch your muscles! Increase athleticism and prevent injuries over time.
  • Core Synergistics: Develop your core to increase in overall performance.
  • Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps: Target the upper body with a push-and-pull workout routine.
  • Back & Biceps: Develop the show muscles by developing your biceps and back.
  • Cardio X: Low-impact cardio to get lean.
  • Ab Ripper X: Get six-pack abs with the tough Ab Ripper X workout.


All testimonials are from the reviews page at Beachbody

“Multiple rounds later, and having tried the “others” the original P90X still remains king.
This program has given me the best overall results and if I needed more mass I simply adjusted my diet and protein intake and usef heavier resistance.
Just as important, P90X was used by me to prepare for Martial Arts competitions and it enabled me to excell.
All I did was replace the doubles block by using Martial Arts practice as my second workout and followed the workouts according to plan.
This is a lifelong fitness plan.” – Osh

“To be honest, as long as you “show up” and do your workouts, and do them the best you can… you will begin to see results. The nutrition plan is 3/4 of it. If you are not going to eat right… then this is going to take you a long time.
Eat right, show up, and at the end of the 90 days you’ll see results. I didn’t start seeing results until about day 40-45… I hit day 58 and got injured. However, I was pretty happy to get injured. I was so tired of watching Tony Horton. No offence Tony. You don’t do half the workouts, you’re always checking on “the kids” who have already done this program… what we want to see is a TRAINER GO HARD.. and BRING IT. Its very discouraging and made me want to stop anyways. For that reason…. it would be hard for me to recommend this product over another. I’d give others a chance first.” – ttone89

“My friend passed this program on to me after she had given up and decided to go with crossfit. I’ve gone through the first week and have to say, I’m going to join her. As someone else has said, this program makes you feel lousier than when you start. If you aren’t already an athlete or gym rat, this program is beyond difficult to follow. You are supposed to know all the moves already as he never shows you how to do anything. Even the yoga was pointless. Exactly how am I supposed to see what the move is when he has you facing the floor most of the time? They are very intense as advertised. However this program is not intended for the average person out there. You also have to buy a slew of products to go along with the program that they don’t tell you about until you have the program. If you’ve put in 5 years at the gym and are getting bored, this program is for you. If you’re looking for fitness that the average person can actually build up to, look elsewhere.” – Deadinthewater


I highly recommend anyone looking to take their home workouts seriously to get P90X. In my experience with P90X it really is one of the best overall home workouts available, and if you do it right, you will see great results. I did this program for over a year, and I still jump back to these workout routines from time to time. Some days I just really like to push myself, and these workouts do that.

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  • I heard about P90X before. I did not realize that it was such an intensive work-out routine. I work-out for about 45 minutes every day. I am trying to build myself up to a level where I can tackle something like P90X; I’ll get there, I know I will. Also, thanks for the tip about the PowerBlocks and a Pullup bar . I have resistance bands, but I want another way to offer a change to my muscles.

    • The pullup bar is my favorite piece of home workout equipment. I would buy that first before anything else honestly. Also, P90X is tough, but awesome results. I did it exclusively for about 6 months before trying other programs and it really gives awesome results. I wasn’t even watching nutrition at the time (I was in college though, so my metabolism may have been better then). I would definitely give it a go if you want to test yourself and see great results.

  • Hi! I haven’t had much experience with training programs on DVD but watching that video convinced me. Maybe the P90X exercise program is a bit too hardcore for me, but will consider it. Do you know of any courses in similar style for cardio based training?


    • Yeah, check out my P90X3 review. P90X3 is my go-to home workout program (when I am not doing my own) and it is 30 minutes a day. I have had great success with the P90X3 program, so it may be a better fit for you. Also, it is not quite as intense as P90X.

  • Interesting. Did you pass on the diet for something you were already doing, or is the plan a bad one? I’m older and will probably do something not so hard. Good review, Thanks to taking the time.

    • Nope, I relied 100% on my metabolism. I was actually eating fast food at the time (McDonalds, Burger King, etc.) when doing these workouts. Don’t listen to all of the crazy hype about dieting. Yes, I think it can definitely help as you get older, but it is more about the work you put in. These workouts were long and tough allowing me to burn those calories. I think if I had followed a better NUTRITION plan, I could have had even better results. I have since moved towards nutrition and making my own food, but the fitness industry is pushing way too much garbage about only ever eating eggs, oatmeal, and chicken. You can eat other food as long as you stay active in your life.

  • Wow! What a great testimonial video. It really shows how well the program works for body building, and how important nutrition is when you’re doing it. I really agree about the nutrition part, but I think I’m more the Yoga type. But if I were into bodybuilding, I would certainly give this a shot.

    • There is a yoga video, but it is only for one of the days. What might work closest to you is the lean workouts, not so heavy lifting. I have incorporated more yoga into my workouts, and it is going very well so keep that going.

  • I’ve been looking into various home workout plans and came across Insanity, which I found far too much cardio-based and very hard! P90X looks like it might be what I’m looking for. Although for myself, I’d probably not follow the plan too strictly, doing it maybe 3 x a week and some yoga in between. I find yoga helps me to unwind and not be so inflexible, after years of lifting weights!

    • Insanity is definitely intense. I prefer T25 over it actually as it is shorter but still a good cardio workout. I am also looking into some complete body workouts with no weights, so stay tuned for those!