Nutrition for Health and Fitness

All too often I hear about crazy diets where individuals are eating 1000 calories a day, then trying to workout for an hour just to stay skinny/get ripped. Not only is this not the right type of dieting/nutrition, but it may actually be hurting your overall fitness goals.

There are tons and tons of weight loss products and services out there. They can help design the perfect program for you based on how your body reacts to your eating habits. However, this can be expensive to get a program designed this way.

In the nutrition section I want to cover some of the basics regarding how you should approach your nutrition plan each day. I use the word nutrition vs. diet because the main focus should be on nutrition, not strictly losing weight. As I post more content, you will see articles/videos I have researched to help me figure out my body.

Understanding Nutrition and Dieting

A nutrition based diet can be summed up as the nutrients your body needs to function throughout each day. Think of nutrients as fuel for the body. Much like your car needs gas to drive (or electricity), your body needs food for energy (calories). Here are the definitions of nutrition and dieting:


When you start researching dieting on the internet, it is all about losing weight as fast as possible. Yes some exercise may be incorporated, but I think this is the wrong approach to your daily food intake. Think of food as the nutrition necessary to function in your day.

Also, each person is different in terms of how much they need to eat. There is no perfect template someone can follow. I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, but I have done hours and hours of research on what your should be doing for a healthy nutrition plan. I also test each one to see what works for me.

An Educated Start To Nutrition and Dieting

If you want to jump in and start eating right, you should first start by going to the following site to get your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. Your BMR is the number of calories you burn without doing any type of exercise in your day. In short, it is how many calories you burn in a day just living. Exercise and workout plans allow you to eat more than this number as you are burning your calories away.

Below are a few links you can use to calculate your BMR. They may differ slightly, but you can get a good estimate on how many calories you burn while just being alive. This can be your benchmark to setting up your nutrition plan.

Once you have the estimate number of calories you burn per day, you can start counting your calories and know when you have surpassed the number of calories you naturally burn each day. Again, this may not be 100% accurate, but it gives you a good idea on the number of calories to eat each day.

Note: For your weight, enter your desired result, NOT your current weight. That will tell you the number of calories you need to be eating attain the weight you are trying to achieve.

Now go and get started on learning what you should be putting into your body each day. Make sure you get all of the nutrition your body needs, and keep within your BMR range and you should be good to go. Make sure to look out for more nutrition tips and tricks.

Well now you have gotten started figuring out your nutrition plan. I will be posting more content in the site as I find more articles and information that is helpful. Please click here to see a listing of all the articles for nutrition and if it can help you.