Home Workout Equipment

home workout equipment

So what will you need when working out at home? Below is a list of items I currently use to get in shape without any gym membership.

If you want to get in shape, and continue to grow in size, I do recommend at least a pull-up bar and resistance bands for your workouts. Not every workout will use them, but a good majority of the workouts will. Let’s take a look at the equipment I use and highly recommend.

Pull-up Bar

Pullup_barThe pull-up bar is the most important piece of home equipment. If you decide you can only buy one item to workout with at home, make it a pull-up bar. After consistently using a pull-up bar, my results skyrocketed. Also, once you start reaching 1, 5, 10, even 20 pull-ups, you feel amazing. You will will become more athletic, and have greater control over your body just because you can lift your body weight.

There was a time I was even able to do muscle-ups (this is when I had a real pull-up bar available). I have not attempted a muscle-up for quite some time, but my record is 10 in one attempt. If you do not know what a muscle-up is, it is when you do a regular pull-up, but then rotate your arms so that you end up above the bar. This is very difficult, but it is amazing once you you complete your first rep (it took me 2 weeks of training before I achieved one muscle up).

If you want to buy the pull-up bar I use, purchase the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym. This pullup-bar is excellent, and provides padding on the ends to protect your door frame. The pull-up bar also has multiple hand grip positions.

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home workout equipmentPowerBlocks are great and an essential piece to my home workout equipment. Similar to the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, the PowerBlocks allow for lots of weights, in a compact space. The PowerBlocks I use can be adjusted from 10-50 lbs depending on where you insert the selector. It is a quick way to get all the weight you need, while saving a lot of space.

There are new additions to the PowerBlocks since they were released, allowing you to go up to 90 lbs! I never go that high as I no longer need too, so I just stick with 50 lbs as my max.

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Push-up Bars

home workout equipmentPush-up bars are not a necessity, but they can help increase your range of motion while performing push-ups. I have two different pairs, but I recommend just a standard push-up bars verses any fancy versions. Save your money and put it towards better dumbbells or push-ups bars.

I have seen some good muscle gains from the extra range of motion, so I do recommend that you at least try out push-up bars. They help expand your chest with the additional range providing more growth.

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Ab Roller Wheel

Perfect Fitness Ab Carber ProThe ab roller wheel is an excellent piece of home workout equipment. I have been using one for years, and I will never stop using it. Now only does it target your abs, but you get a great upper-body workout in the process.

The ab roller wheel is also cheap and easy to assemble. I highly recommend you ad the ab roller wheel to your home equipment collection to work the upper body, and show off some great abs.

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Resistance Bands

home workout equipmentResistance bands are excellent if used correctly. If you really want to develop a strong athletic body without the dangers from heavier weights, get resistance bands.

These bands are very lightweight and can be used when traveling. They are also very cheap for the amount of strength you can gain. I find resistance bands to be very underrated in the workout society. Try some out and see how you like them.

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