Exercises To Do At Home

exercises to do at home

Home exercises provide much needed relief from the everyday struggles of time. Unless you are aiming to be a heavyweight champion or compete in competitions, there is no need for a gym. I found that going to the gym wasted a lot of time in my day.  Hover over the menu > exercises to see a list of exercises to do at home.

To remedy this problem, I had to remove myself from going to the gym. That is easy enough, but learning how to workout at home is not as easy at it sounds without guidance. I aim to provide great exercises to do at home to get in shape, and never step in a gym again.


My Collection Of Exercises To Do At Home

I have put together a growing list of home exercises for you. Some of these home exercises may be familiar, while others completely new. You can pick and choose from the different body parts you want to develop, and begin your journey developing an awesome physique.

You can also take a look at my personal workout program that uses many of the home exercises listed on this site. Links are provided in the workout document in case you need to look it up. As time goes on I will add more exercises, so make sure to take a look.

My Goal With Exercises To Do At Home

My end goal is to get people to workout, plain and simple. Exercising relieves stress, is healthy, and can provide a new sense of confidence in your life. Not to mention you can save an incredible amount of money.

I don’t want to have you start working out, and stop 3 days later. That is what a gym will do while sucking all the money out of your pocket. I have seen it all to often, and it is where the “New Year’s Resolutions” go to die. The gym is fine for some, but for most people it is a giant waste of time and money.

Stop Thinking Gyms Have All Your Fitness Answers

Look, unless you have a lot of motivation to get and and go to a gym, you are likely to fail. The trip to the gym is the hardest part. It is so easy to just say you are going to workout tomorrow and sit back on the couch.

Working out at home saves you all that lost time from the travel. Just set aside about 20-30 minutes a day, get a good sweat going, and the home workout is finished. No need to drive back home because you are already there!

I went to the gym for years and while I saw results, it was not that fun. My home exercises are far better, and I get so much more time back in my day. Gyms are a business and want your money, and they will tell you everything you want to hear to get you in the door.

I urge you to step back, think about it, and understand that once you get going with home workouts, you will never regret the decision to drop the gym. I know I haven’t, and I want to help you get to the same success I have had with my home exercises.