Best Push-Up Bars, Do They Work Review

Tired of doing push-ups each day and having sore wrists? Here is what I think are the best push-up bars for you, and why it can help in your workouts.

PushupBarsA simple piece of equipment, push-up bars are a great tool for more advanced push-ups. Some added benefits for using the bars provide a great reason to add them to your workout routine. Let’s take a look at what make push-up bars great for your home workout.

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Why Use Push-Up Bars?

There are two great reasons to use push-up bars. One reason is  push-up bars provide a great range of motion. The second reason is they help protect your wrists.

Many people, including myself, experience wrist pain when doing a traditional push-up from the floor. This can become very irritating overtime. Push-up bars take away the stress from your wrists for a more comfortable push-up.

Also, push-up bars allow for a deeper range of motion when performing a push-up. A deeper range of motion helps promote strength as you need more chest and arm to return to the top of the push-up. If you would like to increase your difficulty with push-ups, or change up your routine, try push-up bars and see if they work for you.

A large range of exercises that you can do as a normal push-up you can do with push-up bars. Here are some example exercises you can do, but are not limited too, using push-up bars:

  • Standard
  • Wide
  • Military
  • Staggered
  • Diamond
  • Decline

And More!

You can also throw in many of your ab exercises such as planks to use with push-up bars. There is no need for a bench press or other chest exercise machines when you can use push-up bars and see great, athletic results.

Are There Different Types Of Push-Up Bars?

Push-up bars are all similar in nature, but some are more beneficial than others. You are going to do the same motion as you would with any type of push-up bar, but lets take a look at some of the differences you may see in push-up bars.

Most push-up bars you see are going to have two ends and a curved handle you hold on too. This is the standard looking push-up bar (as seen above). However, some models come with a rounded bottom. This is preferred for one main reason, to prevent the push-up bars from rolling. If you roll over a push-up bar mid exercise, you could really injure yourself. Take care in avoiding this at all costs. Inquiry is the #1 way to end an exercise program.

The best push-up bars have a rounded bottom. A rounded-bottom push-up bar will help prevent rollovers by adding support on the sides in case your weight shifts to one side. I recommend these push-up bars if you can find them. Beachbody makes a good pair called Powerstands.

Who Should Use Push-Up Bars?

Anyone doing push-ups on a regular basis should use push-up bars. Push-up bars can only help you increase your strength and size vs. regular push-ups.

With the added bonus that they protect your wrists, push-up bars are a no-brainer. Look for a pair of push-up bars in your budget, and try them out. You will see awesome results, and an increase in difficulty.

Who Should Not Use Push-Up Bars?

If you only do advanced push-up exercises, you may want to avoid push-up bars. You should never use a push-up bar if you are doing more advanced push-ups such as:

  • Front-clap
  • Behind-the-back
  • Aztec (very advanced)

Do not use the push-up bar here because you are moving it from it original position. Make sure that the push-up you are doing keeps the push-up bars securely on the ground. You have a good chance of breaking the bars or injuring yourself if you use the bars for advanced moves. Staying injury free is the key to staying in shape for a long time.

When Do I Use Push-Up Bars In My Workouts?

I use push-up bars when I do my chest/back workout for the week. As they are for push-ups there is no need for the bars for anything else other than push-ups. I wouldn’t try using them for anything else, just stick to push-ups for your push-up bars and you will be all set.

What To Watch Out For

From above, watch out for a push-up bar that roll over.

Standard push-ups and military push-ups are usually safe with regular push-up bars, but wide push-ups may roll on you. This might happen because one side of your body is stronger than the other without you knowing it. The weight of the strong side may roll the push-up bars over. Powerstands can help prevent rollovers with the rounded bottom.


  • Simple design/easy to setup.
  • Price (depending on if you want a simple pair or a more advanced option like Powerstands)
  • Deeper range of motion.
  • Protects wrists.


  • Can roll over causing injury.


If you do push-ups in your weekly workout routine, push-up bars should be equipment you consider purchasing. Whether it be to protect your wrists, complete a deeper range of motion, or both, push-up bars will help promote more strength and size.

While most push-up bars are cheap, quality push-up bars can be rather expensive. You will get what you pay for when it comes to push-up bars, so decide what you are willing to spend and purchase a pair within your budge.

Watch out for push-up bars that roll! Injury is a great way to end your workouts for good, so be cautious when using the push-up bars. Click here to check out the push-up bars I use every day.

  • I love your webpage.
    I also workout in my home. I don´t currently use those bars, but I have though about them. I think that with bars, its a bit harder in the beginning to do push-ups then without them. But if you are advanced already, then it should improve the results. I may purchase them to try out soon.

    • Actually I find some push-ups, like military and standard push-ups, to be easier for me. When they start getting too far apart it gets hard to handle. I would buy a decent pair (no more than $20) and see if you like them. I use them all the time.