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About Me

About Me and Easy Home Fitness Trainer!

My name is Darrik and I am the creator of easyhomefitnesstrainer.com. With many years of workout experience, I am here to help you get in shape, while saving money. Below is my story on how I got into the shape I am today.

Going from a skinny college student, to a strong and ripped athletic build, I know how hard it is to get fit, and stay fit. While in college, money was very low (as is normal among college students today) and I wanted to help those looking to get into shape and save that money and time.

It first started when I was a sophomore in college. I was a starting outfielder for the Daniel Webster College baseball team, but going into that year I was a whopping 165 lbs at 6’0″. This is pretty small in size compared to many athletes at the college level. I played well, but I needed to get bigger and stronger in order to compete.

I started to go to our school gym. Now, the Daniel Webster College gym is bad, very bad. This gym wasabout me extremely small, and if you tried to go when other teams wanted to workout, forget it. I decided then that I needed a gym in order to get in my workouts.

I signed up for a gym called Best Fitness. It was $20 a month (not too bad) and was large enough to do exactly what I wanted. Many of my other teammates joined this same gym as well. Not long after that, I started to really get into the workout zone.

I went to the gym for roughly 2 hours a day (out of the baseball season). My main goal was to gain about 10-15 lbs of muscle before the baseball season started in February (this was in early October). I went 6 days a week for 2 hours a day. That is 12 hours a week for working out. I do not recommend doing this. Working out this much is actually bad for your body if you do not know what you are doing (which I had no experience going into).

DanielWebster_DarrikMNow not to brag, I am genetically very lucky when it comes to my body (thank you parents). I can eat whatever I want, without gaining any weight. The downside to this is putting on any weight is actually a serious challenge, and I needed that extra weight in order to hit for more power as well as be more overall healthy. This came in the form of muscle.

I ended up learning that my best friend in workouts would be drop-sets. I know everyone wants to put up as much weight as possible all the time, but that is not what I was trying to accomplish. I wanted to build size, and look the part as well. I would do workouts such as:

  • Bench press as heavy as possible 5-10 reps, do 10 pushups, drop 45 lbs, repeat.
  • Curl as heavy as possible, drop 5 lbs and repeat (until 10 lbs)
  • Walking lunges from 40 lbs, drop 5 lbs (until 10 lbs)

And so on…

When the season came, I had gained 10 lbs of muscle. I reached the lower portion of my goal and I was ready for the season.

about meI continued this type of training through my junior year of College where I ended up being 185 lbs. Thats 20lbs more than I was when I started my sophomore year. However, I looked the part. Since I didn’t only do heavy workouts but did drop-sets, I had acquired the look I was going for. I managed to have very big arms, abs, large chest, strong legs, and just about everything you want…however my flexibility began to really suffer, as well as my wallet.

I decided it was time to slim down a bit, stay as strong, but with less size. I also wanted to save on money as I was graduating the following year.

So I decided to start looking into home workout programs. The first one I tried was P90X (the original). I really liked this program as it kept pushing me, and I could do it at home. You didn’t make huge gains (as I wanted to slim down) so it worked. At the time this program was also a lot shorter than my current workouts which was nice.

I decided to test against some other programs, I ended up trying all of the following:

I have some others I would like to test as well, but these are what I have done so far.

These workouts actually helped take my fitness to the next level as I started to workout other parts of my body. I started to feel much better overall, and I am now much more flexible than I was (even if it is still pretty bad).

Since I have now been out of college for 3 years now, my metabolism has started to slow down. This means I actually have to start keeping up on the diet end (yuck). However, this has pushed my research on workouts to new heights, and I have developed excellent home workout routines. I have worked with some of my friends as well on how they should proceed with their workouts. Even without going to school for physical fitness or something related to that field, my passion for stating in shape, while at home, has taken my workouts to new heights. I research on a daily basis what others are doing, and I will test their theories to see if it is something I will pursue. I take my workouts very seriously, so only the best of the best exercises and routines are added to my workouts.

Well that’s just a bit about me and my experience starting my journey to workout at home. I will be updating this site with new videos, reviews, and workouts. My goal is to help as many people as I can to workout at home without the need for a gym.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at darrikm@easyhomefitnesstrainer.com. I look forward to hearing from you.