Ab Wheel – Develop A Six-Pack

The ab roller, or ab roller wheel, is a great tool to
Perfect Fitness Ab Carber Protarget your abs, while also working other parts of your body. You are working a lot of your upper body while also contracting your abdominal area to increase core strength. Here is why I think everyone should look into adding an ab roller to their workout routine.

Why Use An Ab Wheel?

An ab roller, also known as ab wheel rollouts and ab roller wheel,  is a great way to exercise multiple muscle groups while strengthening and developing your core.

Each repetition of an ab roller exercise targets nearly 20 muscles. These other muscles include your hip flexors, obliques, chest, back, and arms. The target muscle is your abdominal, but you will feel other parts of your body begin to fatigue as you perform the rollout motion.

By working so many muscles in one motion, you are effectively burning more calories. The best way to get your abs to show is to burn calories to remove the fat in front of your abs. By burning more calories and strengthening your abdominal muscles, there is no excuse as to why your workout does not involve an ab wheel.

Are There Different Types of Ab Wheels?

There is really only one type of ab roller, but there are many different variations on how the ab rollers look. I personally use the Trimax Sports WTE10088 Purathletics Ab Wheel but they no longer sell this model online. I am looking into purchasing the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro as my ab roller is starting to show its age. My father bought it over 10 years ago, and I still use it today.

Who Should Use An Ab Wheel?

Anyone looking to develop a great core and increase their overall body strength needs to include an ab wheel into their workout. You will develop a stronger core, arms, hips, back, abs, and oblique. That alone should be enough to look into the purchase.

Also, you can help alleviate back pain, and do a simple motion to develop your abs. No more crunches or hanging leg kicks that can be physically difficult to perform. The back and forth motion is simple and keeps a natural form while doing the exercise.

Who Should Not Use An Ab Wheel?

There is no reason not to purchase an ab wheel. From the reasons above, you have a lot more to gain just by adding this simple piece of equipment to your workout. It really does help strengthen your body, stretch your muscles, and keep a natural movement. This equipment can be used for all ages, so it is at the top of my list for recommended products to purchase.

When Do I Use An Ab Wheel In My Workouts?

I use an ab wheel whenever I work my abs. This may be self-explanatory, but I do ab workouts 3 times a week. By doing ab roller exercises 3 times a week, I can feel my core growing stronger, and it helps to stretch out the muscles. In the beginning other muscles were sore as well, but over time you become used to it. I have started adding more repetitions and longer exercises for greater gains.

What To Watch Out For

The only concern I have is to make sure to use the ab wheel as it is intended. You  can break it if you are not using it properly. Other than that, there is nothing to watch out for.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable and lasts a long time.
  • Targets your core, but works many muscle groups.
  • Easy on your back.
  • Natural motion for simple exercise.
  • Good price.


  • Can break if not properly used.


An ab wheel is a great piece of workout equipment to build strength in your core while working multiple muscle groups. You could cut out all other core exercises and just use the ab wheel and you would get great results.

For a reasonable price, you can get your very own ab wheel roller. I use it whenever I work my core, and it always adds just enough variety and challenge to make workouts more fun.

  • Just want to say that AB WHEEL really works and I am currently using it to lose my belly fats. It works. I got some pains in the lower and upper areas of my belly. Which I never felt when I was doing sit-ups. This really saves your time and energy which you don’t need to force yourself to push the wheel. RECOMMENDED! Great info! CHEERS!

    • I’m glad you have also seen the benefits of the ab wheel! Keep up the good work and thanks for the comment.

  • Hey Darrik the ab roller wheel looks really upgraded compared to the ones I’m used to seeing in the gym. I was just wondering if using that will put any massive stress on my back because I have a little back problems on my lower part of my back? I was told I need a stronger core and this looks like it could really help but I don’t want to get more injured if it puts more stress. Thank you for a great review and I hope this product could work for me.

    • Hey Jamie, the ab roller wheel should help to strengthen and stretch out your lower back. You complete the exercise while resting on your knees so that helps to alleviate the stress on your lower back. I would suggest going out about 3/4 of the full distance so that you know you can return to the start each time. The ab roller wheel can help strengthen your back.

  • Michael

    Dude this thing looks awesome. I actually want one, haha. Your site looks awesome by the way

    • The ab wheel is great! Definitely look into getting one to build a stronger core. Highly recommended.