3 Workout Motivation Tips – Negative to Postitive

In our lives we may not be able to control everything that happens, but we can learn to make the best of it. Let’s take a look at 3 workout motivation tips for a positive outlook!

There are so many obstacles to overcome in our daily lives we need to juggle around that the question becomes, “Where do I find the time to get what I want done in a day?”. At times this can become very stressful. In this article we are going to go over how you will never be able to control everything that happens in your live, but we can look into how to make the best of the situation.Untitled-2

We should be able to take away lesson from each experience we encounter, whether it is good or bad it does not matter. Each of these experiences provides us with choices that will open doorways to other pathways. Most of the time you may not like the experience, but looking back it was not as bad as you thought, and you may even be able to laugh at it.

If you can take this mindset and see the good that can come of it, you will see a great shift in your mindset. This shift will put you in a positive outlook where you can achieve anything and everything you want to do. This is not only limited to workouts, but to just about everything in life. I use it as a strategy everyday to get through my workouts, and you should to. Here are 3 great workout motivation tips to consider moving forward.


Identify The Problem

When it comes to your workout motivation, understanding the problems you may encounter is a huge step to being ready to combat negativity. When you start going into denial about what is happening, you will never learn from your experiences. This will make it hard to overcome what is happening and set you up for failure. By being truthful to yourself and really looking into your problem, you will be prepared and ready to take on the issue.

For example, lets say that over the Thanksgiving holiday you put on a bit more weight than expected. By refusing to accept that you were at fault, you may ponder on it with more food in order to feel better. This is the opposite to solving your problem, so you need to look at yourself truthfully and take action against it.


Step Back And Look At The Problem

A lot of the time, we as humans need to take a quick step back, breath, and really look at the problem from afar. Is the effect of this problem going to change your life in a negative way? Is it really as bad as you make it seem? More often then not, our problems will only affect us or make us uncomfortable for a short period in time.

Instead of looking at the small details, look at the entire picture in front of you. You may be exaggerating this small part of your life and make it a lot worse than it really is. By stepping back we can gain better insight into the problem, and realize that it is not as bad as you initially made it out to be.

Also, by looking from afar you gain a whole picture of the situation, and can more easily learn from it. This will allow you to apply what you have learned to other areas of your life, and grow as an individual.


Remember The Experience And What You Have Learned

Now once you go through the tough experience, you may never wish that it had happened. However, without this experience, you would never know how to move forward from it. Nobody is out to get you in the world, things happen and you need to learn to understand them. Since this experience happened once, you may know how to avoid it in the future.

For example, you may injure your shoulder while doing a workout. After looking and evaluating what happened, you may realize that you did not warm up properly before the exercise. Next time, you will know why this injury occurred, and by warming up properly, it can help you to avoid this problem in the future.



So when it comes down to it, don’t look into your experiences in small details, or in an exaggerated way. When you see yourself with a setback, whether it be in your workouts or in other areas of your life, use the 3 workout motivation tips to help improve your situation. Understand how it may affect you in the long run, and that it really isn’t as bad as it may seem.


  • Darrik,

    You are certainly right about denial causing inability to learn. Honesty with one’s self is a prerequisite to being able to overcome problems. And yes, moving away from the problem makes it smaller. Inability to put things in perspective will lead to stunted personal growth. We learn from our mistakes, as long as we don’t become distracted by the illusion that the world is conspiring against us, which is a byproduct of being hyper-focused on ourselves.
    I would call your home page philosophy 101. Your 3 tips work for life in general.
    You nailed it.
    Nice job.

  • Keith

    Great information here and you’re right you have to have the proper motivation to accomplish anything in life a workout or goals. I loved the information here when I have a little more time I will be back and check it out with more detail.

  • Hi Darrik
    you are absolutely right, it does start by identifying the problem and take a step back to look at it from a distance. In our workout routine but also in every challenge we face. Keeping up our motivation is at times challenging and we want to give up. But why? That’s the important question to ask. What is getting in the way? Are we repeating a pattern? Because we often are. So it is important to identify it and then see how we can get out of it. I find that just seeing it though is super helpful. As we do so many things without really stopping to see why we do. Or don’t do them.

    • I always find that once my workout is complete, even if I did not want to do it before, I feel much better after. Basically, there was an obstacle in front of you, you could take the easy way out {not do it), or get your mind in the right place, get through the workout, and feel much better. You will find this is the same for things like work, school, and other parts of your life. Don’t procrastinate because if you do, you will be put under more stress down the road.

  • Dave

    Hi Darrik,
    Thanks for the motivation! I know I need to get myself moving but I always find a reason not to start. I will apply what you have stated above and let you know my results!

    • What reasons are you having on not starting? Life throws many obstacles at us, but there is always time to get what you want to do done in a day. When if comes to workouts, time is a huge issue for most people. However, even if you can block out 5 minutes in a day for a quick session, it’s better than nothing. I have had some good luck with just quick 5-10 minute workouts. They are not ideal, but just get something in during the day to get the work in. However, do not make this a habit moving forward, or you may see yourself only ever doing 5 minute workouts and not seeing good results.

  • Chante Wolf

    Hi Darrik,

    Great motivation and I love how you prompted me to think about the what the patterns are. Identifying the problem and the other principals apply not only to workouts, but life as well.

    • I find that a lot of the mindset problems people have in their workouts are also a problem in their lives. They don’t take the action required to see the results they want, and that is a huge problem. Taking action is the key to get to where you want to be, so go out and get it!